Small but Nice Because gardening is getting a lot of attention at the moment, many people are busy with their gardens. Garden city also got the attention of more and more. We are overloaded with ideas and materials and this makes it difficult to choose. Our garden is getting smaller and smaller, think about the

There is a tendency of creating outdoor living spaces in the garden and enjoy the single biggest asset — their home. The garden is not only seen from a distance but should be enjoyed and experienced. We find that more and more people invest in their garden and commissioned the construction of a living room

Bring Japan feeling to your garden with these basic steps. First of all, embrace the ideals of nature. That means, keep things in your garden possible naturally, avoid inserting things that could interfere with this natural appearance. For example, do not include an outdoor square in your Japan gardening design because the outdoor square is

Small garden design involves the use of every centimeter of space and using visual tricks to make the garden seem larger. Small garden plans must be accurate because there is no millimeter of space for adjustment if the plan is not the right time to build the garden. Some people think that a plan is

The herbal garden is a great landscaping tool. You can create any design that is on your mind as long as you have the elements and the desire to do so. You must take into account certain things. Before you start digging backyard you’ll need to do some planning. First, you need to decide how

You should consider the size, shape, and style of your home when performing a garden landscape during this phase. Garden landscape design should blend with your home, not distract from it. You should try to improve the existing structure and properties with your landscape design which should flow smoothly into your home by making the