There are many types of security camera system, from dome cameras to bullet cameras, but which type you should you go for? Home security camera systems can be a good way to monitor your surroundings, however, the options available on a home security system can be frustrating to sift through in order to find the

There is no doubt that home safety security surveillance systems are growing in popularity with each passing year. And, as new technologies constantly emerge, the market is flooded with choices. A homeowner has the option of being able to pick and choose different components from various manufacturers in an attempt to custom tailor their home

As we leave the days of analog systems behind us, it can only be expected that we experience an explosive growth in digital surveillance cameras and systems. Digital surveillance cameras play a very similar role to their analog counterparts that have been around since the sixties. Mounted in strategic locations, they enable the owner to

The bullet camera is the most popular of all surveillance cameras. Bullet cameras are so named because of their small, cylindrical shape, reminiscent of a bullet. You have undoubtedly seen them in all sorts of settings. Their distinctive shape is evident in many places where their owners mount them prominently on walls to make you

An outdoor Security camera needs some careful planning before you go out to the shops and spend your hard earned money. You must consider the camera position, the power source, and the lighting. Even the weather in your area can also be a factor in the type of outdoor camera you will need to consider.

Outdoor security cameras for home can benefit you in many ways. Obviously, the most important benefit is that they provide protection for your home and family. They are an effective deterrent to crime. Criminals will think twice before targeting your home.   Crime deterrence is not the only reason to install outside security cameras, though.