How Surveillance Systems Have Become An Integral Part Of Home Protection

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There is no doubt that home safety security surveillance systems are growing in popularity with each passing year. And, as new technologies constantly emerge, the market is flooded with choices. A homeowner has the option of being able to pick and choose different components from various manufacturers in an attempt to custom tailor their home surveillance system.

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However, industry experts in the home security and video surveillance system market caution against purchasing the video surveillance equipment for your system as separate component parts. They recommend purchasing a complete and integrated system in order to save money. In most cases you will find that if you purchase a whole system for video and audio surveillance for your home, then you will pay less than if you purchased the exact same components separately.

Another good reason to purchase pre-packaged security surveillance systems is that all of the components are designed to work together. Systems that are designed and manufactured by the same company are much more likely to work together seamlessly. Sometimes trying to integrate video surveillance equipment components from different manufacturers can cause difficulties in set up and function.

Even though the different companies make similar devices which are intended to provide the same function, they often will simply not “communicate” well, or reliably, with the other components in the security systems when they are not made by the same manufacturer. Since reliability is very important in any type of security system, it just makes more sense to choose a complete system in which all the components are made by the same company.

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In addition to that important point, a home security surveillance system that is purchased as a full and complete network is simpler to install. This leads to another way that these complete video surveillance equipment sets can save you money. The easier it is to install the system, the less you will pay to have it done professionally.

In fact, some of the security systems that are available on the market today can even be installed without calling in a professional. There are many basic kits that include the standard video surveillance equipment needed for most homes. These kits can be found at many home improvement stores and even some of the large warehouse stores. Most basic kits come with a base unit and four to six cameras, with additional kits available to add more cameras to the system if needed.

The most common surveillance systems for homeowners to install feature wireless video surveillance cameras. Since the cameras communicate wirelessly with the base unit, there is no need to drill through walls or dig trenches in the yard in order to install the system. This makes these systems fast and easy to put into place and also to expand as needed.

Everywhere we go now in stores there are cameras watching our every move. Libraries, office buildings and even homes are now seeking out and using security surveillance to ensure that their items are protected. This may mean tangible goods found in retail stores. It could be parking lots to ensure that people are protected as they walk to their cars. Home owners want to ensure that they are safe from intruders, fires and even floods.

The world of security surveillance has become in high demand as more people want to protect themselves from harm. It is no wonder as crime still continues to rise and more people find themselves as victims. You may not know what security surveillance means and how it can protect you but this article will help answer some of the questions you may have regarding this important subject.

What is CCTV?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. With Closed Circuit Television an image, or images, is transmitted to a specific set of monitors. The person at the monitors can control the video camera to turn in whatever direction he or she wishes to view. You will see these cameras in parking lots, retail stores and banks. They are widely use as a security measure to try to prevent loss of property and to provide safety such as parking lots and cross walks.

How can I protect my business?

You can protect your business by installing audio and video security surveillance to protect yourself from burglaries, theft, shopping lifting and employee misconduct. It can also be used in casinos to monitor dealers and players to ensure that no cheating occurs. It is a great idea for any business establishment.

What type of equipment do I need to monitor my employees at work?

Well, that depends on what you suspect and is legal. You have to notify the employees that their actions are monitored at all time. You will need a security surveillance program installed that comes equipped with audio and video so you can both watch and hear what is happening. It can be a major issue with some employees as they feel their rights are violated. Some businesses are typically monitored and employees are aware of this fact when they first become hired. These businesses are: banks, casinos, hotels and retail stores.

What is a dummy camera?

So businesses cannot afford several cameras or enough people to monitor them all. Their solution is to put a dummy camera out for people to see. A dummy camera is not one that does not work nor is it intended too. The shoppers, players and employees are not aware of which cameras are which.

Do people really fall for a dummy camera?

Yes they do all of the time. Take for example a shopping retail store. They may have a black bubble on the ceiling that contains a video camera. But not all of these bubbles have actual working cameras installed. If they do, some will be off. Employees and shoppers are not aware of which ones are on and which ones are off.