Planting Bare Root Trees Tips

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planting bare root trees | Virtually any home or garden will be enhanced with the addition of some trees. Trees are not only lovely to look at, but they also provide shade on those hot summer days. There are different types of trees, as you know, but did you know that the details for planting your new tree will depend on how the roots have been prepared at the nursery? Here are some tips for planting bare root trees.


planting bare root treesBefore you make your purchase, take some time and examine the tree as a whole. Does it look healthy? Examine the root system and make sure that it looks well cared for. If you see a lot of nicks and cuts, then you may want to find another tree.

Unlike other plants that you may buy and have the option of planting much later, bare root trees should be planted as soon as possible. This prevents the roots from becoming too dry. If for some reason you need to plant your tree later, you want to ensure that you store it in a cool, dry area and that you keep the fragile roots watered. At this point in time, your first priority to make sure the roots remain moist.

When you get the new tree home, take it out of any packing that it may be in and allow the tree to soak for three to six hours in a pail of water. Unless you are told otherwise, or read otherwise, never plant a new tree with the packaging that comes with it.

How about planting bare root trees

Before you plant your tree, pick out the perfect location. This can take some time and you should keep in mind how large the tree will be once it matures. Do not plant trees that will become very large too close to the house or too close to underground service lines, such as water lines and sewage lines. Once you know where you want the tree, follow these easy instructions.

Make a hole that is wider than you might think needed. This allows the roots to spread out easily once they begin to do so. You should clear out any grass that is within a yard or so of the area where you want to plant.

When you place the tree into the hole, make sure that it is no deeper than what it was at the nursery. It is very important that you do not stuff the roots into the hole. The root system needs to have plenty of room to spread out. This is often the most common mistake that homeowners make when planting bare root trees.

Once the tree is set into the hole at the proper depth, fill in some of the holes, gently firming the soil as you do. Normally, you should not add any type of fertilizer or soil nutrients at this point. You can do that later, once the tree has established itself.

As you replace the rest of the dirt into the hole, remember to firm it down as you go. Do not pack it in too tightly, but do not let it remain so loose that the tree leans.

Bare Root Planting

A very good tip for bare root tree planting is to build a small berm around the tree to collect water. Once the tree is in the hole, you want to give it a good watering.

Allow the water to soak down and then add about two inches of a protective layer of mulch around the tree. You can take this out to about three feet from the tree base.

After you have your new tree in place, remember to water it once a week or so. You will need to do this for about the first year. Your new tree will thrive and within no time it will be a welcome addition to your home, see more  about how to planting  trees