Oldest Home Security Tips

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You must have watched the movie “Home Alone” – the child’s ideas of protecting his home might have seemed to be unrealistic in practice but indeed were creative. He protected his home with the help of his imagination and some bizarre tools that he gathered for the same. It’s basically the ideas that matters when it comes to defending your home from danger. Home security is not just about expensive safety devices but anticipating the ways that the burglars and robbers can take up and snap these. You need to build up back up plans for every security system that you install.

security locks for home doors

Your home is a lifetime investment for you and surely you don’t want to keep it unsecured or prone to any unanticipated damage. Insuring your home against theft, robbery or any natural calamity is the best option that every home owner takes up first after acquiring the property.

Protecting your home is protecting your family against dangers.

Even with very organized and outstanding public safety services in your area like police, fire station etc. your home might be susceptible to unlooked for threats and damages. Your home is primarily your responsibility and you should try and engage all possible safety measures to make it secured.

You do not have to install expensive alarms and bells to guard your home. These are just one way to make sure that your home is secured. But if you really want to prevent robbery or theft in your neighborhood you need to involve the resources available at your neighborhood. You can initiate a neighborhood watch.

security locks for home doors

Motion sensing alarms and driveway alarms are particularly useful to prevent trespasses and car theft. These are generally useful while your home is not empty and you are in town. But if you are off to a vacation then your house is best secured with a layered defense mechanism that is almost impossible to break. Keeping a dog and sealing your house almost from all angles at different layers from where intrusion might take place, are the ways to protect your home.

If you can make your home security system active at different layers then this becomes the best defense against any trespasses and incursion. It is comparatively easy to break in through a single line of defense. But if you have defense mechanism that works at several layers and involves the neighborhood community then intruders will be less likely to target your home and neighborhood.

Layered defense can be designed with rosebushes outside the window, multiple locks on the doors, proper bracing on door frames and strike plates, using bigger screws on the doors, making the doorframes as thick as possible, barred windows with safety seals and coats and secondary locks, a wall high enough to climb over, locating the blind spots in your area and vulnerable areas, making sure that nothing valuable is visible from outside the windows, using locks that can stand blows of sledgehammer etc. You can safely use deadbolts, rim locks and floor locks.

You should use those devices that are not easily hammered away by the burglars. Placing safety plates in the outward swinging doors over the tongue will also prevent easy manipulation of the locks in the swing door. Even if there is an intrusion you should make sure that this entails a lot of noise that reaches the neighboring houses and make others curious about what is going on. The more time the burglar spends to break in, the more are the chances for them to get caught.