Lights for Yard Function Safety and Style

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A landscape project isn’t fully complete until you add the finishing touch – lighting. Why spend so much time on a garden or waterfall to only look at it during daylight hours, when you are probably away at work or school anyway (especially in the winter when it gets dark so early). By adding lights, you can enjoy these features into the night. There is more to landscape lighting technique than just using high power floodlights to light up your entire yard. Instead, you should strategically place lights to highlight the most important areas of your yard.

You can use floodlights still, but they should be focused on certain areas that you use often such as a patio or deck. Without lights, you will probably feel much less comfortable being outside at night with family or friends. The lights can also focus on your favorite plants, or larger groups of bushes. You can use low watt lights for a more mellow effect if you’d like.

Lights for Yard Function Safety and Style

If you need to see well enough to use the area though, you will need lights with more power. Rope lights are another option if you don’t like floodlights. They are often seen with multiple colors, and used for decoration around the holidays. They can also be used to outline a walkway or path though. They will help guide you so you know where to walk at night. You will have less chance of tripping on a root or slipping in the grass if you are well guided along a walkway by lights. Lighting can add beauty and function in your yard.

Landscape lights will also add an element of safety to your home because it will deter thieves from coming too close to your home because of fear of being seen.

Landscape lanterns add an interesting style to your home. They can be solar powered, battery powered low voltage lighting, lit with candles, or powered by standard electricity. It doesn’t have to be difficult to install landscape lighting at you home. Thoughtfully adding lighting will greatly increase the usability of your yard, while adding a dramatic look at the same time.