Digital Surveillance Camera Vs Analog

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As we leave the days of analog systems behind us, it can only be expected that we experience an explosive growth in digital surveillance cameras and systems.

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Digital surveillance cameras play a very similar role to their analog counterparts that have been around since the sixties. Mounted in strategic locations, they enable the owner to monitor areas that are otherwise vulnerable in a home or business.

Their digital nature, however, makes many things possible that analog cameras never could do. Digital security cameras and digital security camera systems offer perhaps the most powerful combination of abilities available in any type of home or business security system.

How it works

By installing a video capture card in your PC, you turn your computer into an advance digital video recording system, otherwise known as a DVR. This enables you to record super-high quality digital video direct to the hard drive of your computer. The video output from your digital CCTV camera is referred to as a digitized recording that gives you an impressive array of features and benefits.

Benefits of a Digital Surveillance Camera

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The ability to view recorded or live video from a remote computer or 3G mobile phone anywhere in the world is perhaps one of the most popular benefits. Once your system is set-up, all you need to do is log in to your system and view what’s going on. How about checking on your home when you are away on business or vacation?

Another powerful feature of your digital CCTV system is the ability to easily search your recorded video feed. Rather than rewinding and fast forwarding through videotape to find the time or event you want to view, you can navigate right to that point in the recording.

You can even program your digital security camera to focus specifically on some situations that it sees and ignore others. For example, you can program it to stop recording when nothing is moving in its field of vision, or record with reduced resolution. You can program it to notice and send you an email or phone notification if something that is supposed to be there is missing, or notify you if it detects something that isn’t supposed to be there.

With multi-camera systems, you can even program your digital security cameras so that one camera alerts another camera to pan over to its area for another view of some unusual activity that the first one has detected. And you can also control all these actions of your cameras manually, in real time, while viewing the video feed from your computer, as well.

Disadvantages of a Digital Surveillance Camera

Digital CCTV systems, however, are not totally without drawback. The files generated by computer security cameras can fill up hard drive space quickly. That, however, is where you’ll find the ability to program your cameras to stop recording in certain situations comes in handy. By avoiding recording the vast majority of time, when nothing worth recording is happening, you’ll find that you save a tremendous amount of disk space.

Is a digital security camera right for you?

A digital surveillance camera certainly offer you powerful features and unparalleled flexibility when compared to a analog camera.  And they offer these things with the convenience of being able to monitor your digital cameras from anywhere in the world. If you’re looking for a truly professional-grade system to protect your property and possessions, a digital surveillance camera system is definitely one to consider.