How To Choose A Tax Attorney

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  1. The taxpayer should always enquire properly about the Tax Attorney before hiring him.
  2. He should always opt for an extensively experienced Tax Attorney with a vast exposure of IRS, debt management cases, and real live taxpayers.
  3. He should always ask for references from the attorneys so that he should get an idea of his work beforehand.
  4. One of the most important things to be ensured betimes is that the Tax Attorney should be a member of the American Bar Association and The State Bar Association.

How To Become A Tax Attorney

The followings are the basic requirements which are needed for a person to become a Tax Attorney.

  1. The most important thing required to become a Tax Attorney is to have a license which is issued on clearing the Multi-State Bar Exam (MBE) of your state or of the state in which you want to practice.
  2. He should have a bachelor’s degree in any stream and a law degree from any American Bar Association acknowledged school. These two degrees are the major requirements to appear for the BAR exam in most of the states.
  3. The other option to appear for the BAR exam is to possess a four years’ apprenticeship under a senior Tax Attorney in any law school. This option is applicable only in few states.
  4. He should be well-versed with various tax related subjects like accounting, tax structuring, corporate tax, estate tax, etc. There is also an additional benefit of having a degree of Masters in accounting, especially, on tax from the highly reputed institutes.

Hence, by possessing the above-mentioned qualifications, you can easily brighten up your career prospects and can become a Tax Attorney.

Hence, the Tax Attorneys build up a bridge between the taxpayers and the Government by guiding them in every aspect in context to various tax laws of the Government.

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