How to Find A Good Tax Attorney

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  • A tax attorney should possess a good exposure of IRS and handling non-criminal tax matter of the client. He should have an experience of the IRS office of Chief Counsel which is the legal department of IRS. Therefore, the first thing to be asked by a tax attorney is about his experience of IRS.
  • It is advisable to hire A Tax Attorney with a degree of LLM that is he should be well-versed with all tax laws of the Government.
  • Always make sure that he should be well-capable of updating his clients with the latest changes of the tax laws, as they keep on changing frequently.
  • Generally, a tax attorney do not have any TV commercials, as it is an expenditure of huge dollars. This shows that they might be earning good dollars simultaneously, if they can afford to spend that much. But this thing can only be possible, if they are working on commission basis that is by passing on their work to the other tax attorneys and taking their cut or commission. The other possible reason can be that they might be charging thousands of dollars as their fees from the clients. So, it is in your hands to choose either of such tax attorneys.
  • You should always make sure that a tax attorney should have good communication skills and should work properly with full cooperation, as this quality will help him a lot in coping up with the tough IRS employees. The most important thing to be kept in mind that the taxpayers should be very comfortable with his tax attorney while sharing all the tax related details with him.

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  1. It is practically difficult to obtain well-informed persons in this certain matter, nevertheless, you feel like you know what you are talking about!

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