How Taking Care of your Teak Products

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Chic Teak has been creating and bringing in top notch teak open air furniture since 1998. Just the most noteworthy quality materials are utilized. These incorporate metal, stainless steel and, obviously, the most elevated review of teakwood accessible.

Certifiable Teak (Tectona Grandis) joins the nature of a rich and satisfying appearance with a toughness that is unequaled by some other timber. Teak is a thick, coarse, close-grained hardwood.

Best Wood For Outdoor Furniture

It normally contains large amounts of resinous oil that goes about as a creepy crawly repellent and enables it to be impervious to dampness and the drying impacts of climate. In view of this normally high oil content, it is both steady and impervious to spoiling when uncovered, over numerous years, to the extremes of both summer and winter climate.

For a few centuries these unique qualities have settled on teakwood the favored decision for marine decking and development, and is the reason that it is today, the excellent timber for open air furniture.

Teak is a deciduous hardwood tree from the good countries of South East Asia, and does not originate from tropical rainforests. As a major aspect of our sense of duty regarding securing the earth and the need to support long haul supply, we utilize teakwood from estates on the island of Java.

How Taking Care of your Teak Products

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