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Competency Based Driving School training

This is the recommended option when learning to drive. It allows the learner driver to undertake training through an ACCREDITED INSTRUCTOR.

The Accredited Instructor will conduct the training in accordance with the Competency Based Training (CBT) Course as laid down by Transport SA.

Basic Driving Procedures

As the learner successfully completes each task in the CBT course, the achievement of each task will be recorded in the Log Book by the Accredited Instructor.

The Log Book contains 30 tasks and is divided into 4 Units:

  1. Basic Driving Procedures
  2. Slow Speed Manoeuvres
  3. Basic Road Skills
  4. Traffic Management

Successful completion of all 30 Tasks will result in the training course being completed and the issue of a Certificate of Competency to obtain a driver’s license.

Besides containing the Task Title and Number, the Learning Outcome, Task Standard and Task Requirements, there is also space to record the learner’s competency on each step of the task and time spent for “practice between lessons”.

Entries recorded by the instructor will give valuable help to family or friends overseeing any practice sessions as well as any other Instructor continuing the training or any Road Safety Officer conducting an audit to ensure that standards are maintained.

The second page for each task contains the training and assessment records which will be completed by the accredited Instructor as the learner progresses through the training course and achieves the required standard.

  • Dates, when training has been given for the particular task, should be recorded.
  • Task Assessment Records are marked and used to determine the standard for the learner driver.
  • The Range Statement, where applicable, gives the assessment conditions and the items that assessment will include.
  • Once the task has been assessed to the required standard it will be signed off by the learner driver and the accredited instructor.

LOG BOOK MODULES (Basic Driving Procedures)

  1. Cabin drill and controls
  2. Starting and shutting down the engine
  3. Moving off from the curb
  4. Stopping and securing the vehicle
  5. Stop and go (using the handbrake)
  6. Gear changing (up and down)
  7. Steering (forward and reverse)
  8. Review of all the basic driving procedures Slow Speed Manoeuvres
  9. Stopping and moving off on a hill
  10. The simple ‘U’ turn
  11. The three (3) point turn
  12. 90-degree angle park (front to kerb)
  13. Reverse parallel parking
  14. Review of all slow speed maneuvers Basic Road Skills
  15. Vehicle road positioning
  16. Lane changing and diverging
  17. Turning at corners
  18. Turning on and off laned roads
  19. Turning at roundabouts
  20. Negotiating traffic lights
  21. Light urban traffic driving
  22. Country driving Traffic Management
  23. Safe driving strategies
  24. Lane changing and diverging
  25. Turning in traffic
  26. Managing traffic roundabouts
  27. ‘U’ turn in traffic
  28. Negotiating traffic lights in traffic
  29. Driving on unsealed roads Final Training Reviews
  30. Review of basic driving skills
  31. Traffic management review

FAQs About Driving School Near Me

Q. How many lessons will I need before I get my license?
A. Many things impact on how quickly or slowly it takes for people to learn the necessary skills for driving. Depending on the attitude and aptitude of the individual it generally takes between 12- 20 lessons.

Q. Can you give me lessons to prepare for the driving test as opposed to the log book method?
A. About Safe Driving School is fully qualified to train students for the Vehicle On Road Test, or via the log book method.

Q. In what areas do you provide lessons?
A. About Safe Driving is happy to provide lessons anywhere in the metropolitan area click here for more details.

Q. Do you teach manual?
A. After a student obtains their competency certificate, manual training is offered. Conditions do apply.

Q. How old do I have to be to get my learners?
A. You must be 16 years of age or older.

Q. How old do I have to be to do my driving test?
A. You must be 17 years before you can sit for your test and/or complete the log book training.

Q. What do I need to bring to my driving lessons?
A. You need to bring your current learner’s permit. You may also bring a temporary permit which is issued by Transport SA (Section 80), or an international drivers license. If your permit does not have a photo, you will need to bring other photo identification (ie student ID, passport etc).

Q. Where do I meet the instructor?
A. Pick-up and drop-off points will be organized to suit school, work or home.

Q. Do you provide lessons for people who have/or have had their license?
A: About Safe Driving is happy to offer driver retraining classes. Whether it be for senior citizens who have had their license revoked and wish to reapply; or for existing drivers who want a refresher lesson to brush up on their skills.

Q. Do you offer night lessons?
A. Night lessons are available. Standard lesson hours are 7am-7pm, any day of the week.

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