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There are many window companies in Illinois, but which one offers the best quality for the lowest price? And how do you tell a quality window from a poor one?

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First and foremost, check out the reviews on this site and then, once you have decided which window companies to contact, follow these tips to give you a better idea of the quality of the windows you are considering.

Unlock the window and try to move the sash from side to side. How much space is there between the sash and frame? Lock the window and then lift up and down.

Does it feel tight or is there movement. Look at the corners, are the welds pretty clean or do they look sloppy? Ask to see a cutaway sample of the window, how many honeycomb chambers are there? The more the better. Find a place you can push on the vinyl such as the stiles. does the vinyl feel rigid or does it seem flimsy?

Ask what the Design Pressure rating is and also what the Air Infiltration and Water Penetration rating is. Also, ask what the U factor and Solar Heat Gain is. Who did the testing? Was it the manufacturer or NFRC for the U factor and SHGC and AAMA for the structural rating?

Open and close the window and tilt the sashes in a few times. Does the operation seem smooth? Rock the sash from side to side when the window is halfway open.

How much to hire window companies in Illinois?

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Ask to see a better grade of the window and ask what the better grade has that the one you are looking at doesn’t have. What is different about the two?

Now that you are armed with the right information, you can shop with confidence at any window company in Illinois.

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