10 Signs The Best Mattress to Get Beautifull Dream

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1. Move around
Unlike other mattresses, memory foam mattresses are often one sided meaning they don’t ever need to be turned. So, we suggest you rotate them from head to toe every month. Rotating your memory foam mattress will stop the mattress from losing its elasticity and prevent it from developing that sinking feeling of old mattresses.If you can afford to buy a double sided memory foam mattress then we would recomend you turn this mattress over monthly.

2. Steer clear of water
Using a damp cloth to wipe your mattress is fine. Don’t let your mattress get too wet, it’ll cause your mattress to deteriorate and lose its shape. Water and other liquids, can also stain your mattress and make it go mouldy.

3. Heated
Keep hot water bottles and electric blankets far away from memory foam mattresses. Most memory foam is made of polyurethane, which can be combustible. Even if your mattress has a PBDE fire retardant coating, heat will still damage it, regardless of whether it’s the best memory foam mattress on the market or not.

4. Good base, great bed
Choosing a good base is essential to making your mattress last. Memory foam needs a base that’s firm and even. Gaps and uneven support will cause your mattress to lose its shape and elasticity, which affects how the mattress shapes to your body.

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