10 Signs The Best Mattress to Get Beautifull Dream

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Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, haven’t been around as long, but they have been the fastest growing segment in the mattress industry. They are considered extremely soft and comfortable and also offer superior allergy resistance. In terms of life span, the denser the foam is, the longer your mattress will last.

Latex foam is considered natural because it’s made from the sap of rubber trees. There are also varying types of biodegradable latex foam available on the market, such as natural latex and blended latex.

Memory foam isn’t a natural product at all, it’s a substance that’s been scientifically engineered. In fact, it was originally created for astronauts to sleep on while in orbit.

Latex foam has an open cell structure. This means the mattress moves with you while you sleep. They’re are well-known for being firm and they don’t retain heat, so they’re cooler to sleep on.

Whereas, memory foam has a cell structure that reacts to your body heat. Its cells are able to compress fully, allowing the mattress to conform to the shape of your body. Memory foam also distributes your weight evenly, reduces pressure on your muscles and joints and allows you blood to circulate properly while you sleep.

As you can see both types of mattresses are very different and they offer you very different benefits. The best advice we can give you is to try both types of mattresses out for yourself.



You can buy the best memory foam mattress on the market, but if you don’t take care of it, it will not give you the expected life span. All mattresses age with time and they can become soft and saggy over time. But, with proper care, your memory foam mattress will look and feel great for years! Here are four tips to help you take care of your memory foam mattress.

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