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Best Wood For Outdoor Furniture for a house is a  best choice to give “feel” of natural home. Furniture that made of a wooden base, especially teak, are the betst choice for good quality above any other timber furniture. Teak is one of the best wood for use as raw materials furniture, teak thrives in the tropical region, such as in Southeast Asia. teak wood fibers also have a strong and nice, so it’s nice and artsy if used for home furnishings furniture.

Here are tips how to choose furniture made from teak wood

1. Do not choose teak perforated
2. Select outdoor wood furniture made from “old” teak tree.
3. Choose a smooth finishing teak furnishings and artful
4. Choose sturdy and strong teak furniture construction
5. Original furniture from Jepara-Indonesia is best quality of teak products.

Walker Edison Solid Acacia Wood 4-Piece Patio Chat Set

In addition to teak, acacia wood is the choice of materials manufacture of outdoor furniture.

Acacia (English pronunciation: [əkeɪʃə]) is a genus of shrubs and trees belonging to the subfamily mimosoideae from family Fabaceae, first identified in Africa by the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus in 1773. Many non-Australian acacia species that tend to be thorny while the majority of Australian Acacia not. Acacia is legumes, with sap and leaves typically have a tannin bearing in large quantities. The common name is derived from ακακία (Akakia), the name given by the Greek physician-botanist Dioscorides early Pedanius (around 40-90 AD) for the medicinal tree A. nilotica in his book Materia Medica. [2] The name is derived from the Greek word for prickly acacia plant characteristics, ακις (akis, “thorn”). [3] The species name nilotica was given by Linnaeus from the ranks of the most famous Acacia trees along the Nile.

One product made from acacia wood furniture is Walker Edison Solid Acacia Wood 4-Piece Patio Chat Set, this product is produced by a furniture company located vietnam.

This product is quite famous in the world, popular in the Amazon sales.
When you want product, you have to spend a budget of $438.36 & FREE Shipping

Best Wood For Outdoor Furniture

  • Set includes 2 chairs, 1 loveseat, 1 coffee table and cushions
  • Exceptionally durable and stylish design
  • Apply teak oil as needed to maintain appearance
  • Solid acacia hardwood
  • Cushions Included

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